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I am an elite, skilled and experienced Dominatrix that has been involved in the lifestyle for several years.  Take some time to Google me and find out more about me, then get in touch. Many will claim to be experienced and involved in the lifestyle but they will not have a long searchable internet history.


I do not offer a rushed experience and I leave time either end of your booking  to get to know (Catch up) you before the session and also for after care.  I am not renting my premises by the hour, I am the sole owner and apart from the odd double session, the premises are only used by myself. My premises are brand new, stunning, fully equipped, discreet city centre chambers which are a few minutes walk from Central station/Queen st station. They are in the Merchant city, G1 area of Glasgow.


I derive a certain satisfaction from Corporal punishment,  which I am accurate at. I specialise in caning but also adore the tawse as well as administering leather and wooden paddles. Naughty boys and girls especially enjoy my school room scenarios. You can also be punished along side a stunning girl. Cock and ball torture is a personal favourite of mine and I love to meet submissives who enjoy this fetish, I really enjoy using my E-Stim and Violet wand on genitals. Ball busting is another type of CBT that I enjoy as it amuses me to watch the sub quivering in anticipation and fear.I absolutely love breath play from light to heavy, I would say it has become one of my favourite fetishes. I especially enjoy breath play during Leather and latex bondage sessions.


There are many skills needed to be a good top,  one of the most important skills is being able to read the physical reactions of your bottom. The more times that I play with someone the easier it is to read them, this is why I generally play softer and less intense the first time. Over time I will build up the intensity of each session.